Moray Firth Amateur Radio Society took part in the IILW 17/18th August using special event callsign GB0CLH from the Covesea Skerries Lighthouse, Lossiemouth. Active on 20m and 40m SSB, 350 contacts were made, mainly in Europe, a total of 29 Countries and 37 Lighthouse stations were worked. Visitors included ATC cadets on camp at nearby RAF Lossiemouth as well as some visitors who had just come to see the lighthouse.

Thanks to some earlier work on the tower trailer and club HF gear we arrived to setup on a sunny afternoon, the tower was inched into position by Thunderbird 2 guided by Richard MM0TQH

The shack for the weekend was kindly made available in the old kitchen, no hardship as we had heat/light/power/water etc.

The 3 ele HF beam for 20/15/10 was assembled and fitted to the tower.

The tower erected 

The lighthouse dwarfs our tower!

GB0CLH was soon in action - FT847 + HF Linear. On the mic is Ron GM4ILS 

Saturday morning saw a couple of visitors: Ian Duff President of The Association of Lighthouse Keepers (and a previous keeper at Covesea)

A Later visitor was Graham Kilpatrick - a Director of the Covesea Lighthouse Trust who kindly arranged our access permission and accomodation.

The station Sunday morning with evidence of mid morning snack ably cooked by Chairman Robbie

Robbie's catering setup 


A Motley Crew....  Front to back Willie MM0KKF   Paul GM8HWZ and Ron GM4ILS

A break in the action.

 Graham explaining how much bigger his lighthouse is than our tower...


 Finally a thank you to all those who helped setup and operate over the weekend, for those who couldn't make it "We didn't have any fun and we didn't do any blethering..."


Photos thanks to Robbie and Paul 

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